About Us

GroupMail is a specialist email service provider. We offer top quality, professional, and easy to manage email solutions for anyone wishing to consolidate communication between a large party or group of people.

What We Offer:

We provide a free group email service if the email address ordered is used by up to 10 people. For larger groups utilizing a single email address, a premium service rate of R50 per month is charged which offers more flexibility and other features. We can provide you with any groupmail.co.za address of your choosing, which pertains to the purpose or name of your group. For instance, you can get a group email like:


How It Works:

Once you sign up with GroupMail, we provide you with your dedicated groupmail.co.za address and help you set up the account with up to 25 emails if you are making use of the free service. Basically your GroupMail email address will work like a central feeder email, into which messages will be sent and received.

For instance, you will send an email from your normal address to the groupmail.co.za address. Groupmail.co.za will then receive this email which will be forwarded onto the rest of the users. They will receive an email from the groupmail.co.za address which they can then reply to, and this in turn will be forwarded to everyone on the list - that is only if you have given them the right to do so J, you have the ability to change this right at any time and modify your group 247.

Compatibility Features:

Our group email service is fully compatible with other email programs including Microsoft Outlook and is maintained on a reliable server to ensure that downtime, issues or errors do not happen. This makes it easy for everyone to use, even if each member of the group uses different default email programs as using groupmail has no effect on your email software of choice.

Security Features:

There is no limit to the number of groupmail.co.za addresses you can set up. You can use your groupmail.co.za address with confidence knowing no one else can send to that same list as long as you have set the settings correctly. Drop us a mail if you need any help.

GroupMail is dedicated to making your life easier. We provide a service that everyone can and make use of at some point or another when they need to keep in touch with a group of people. The email service is simple to set up and easy to manage. We have carefully created this product to integrate into your life, giving you a convenient, hassle free email solution!